Taiwan & SL mutual ties are based on respect & strong shared relationships


Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Hon. Abdinasir Omar Jama said that Taiwan and the Republic of Somaliland are tied together by a respectable relationship, and numerous shared ambitions.

Hon. Abdinasir, who gave a speech on the occasion of the 111th anniversary of Taiwan’s national day, began by saying;

Excellency, Mr. Vice President of the Republic of Somaliland, Honorary Ministries, Director-, Generals, Members of Parliament, Excellency Ambassadors, civil society groups, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to commend and honour your participation to this historic event.

On behalf of the Government of the Republic of Somaliland, I am honoured to extend our sincere congratulations to the people and the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) on the occasion of the Double Tenth Day when Taiwanese pride takes precedence over everything else, and Taiwanese people both at home and abroad celebrate.

Taiwan is a friend and like-minded country that stands for strengthening the democratic system, rule of law, justice and human rights. The world has also praised Taiwan’s resilience and effectiveness as a force for good.

Taiwan and the Republic of Somaliland are tied together by a respectable relationship, numerous shared ambitions, cooperation in numerous fields, and a special commitment to the advancement of the prosperity and well-being of our respective populations.

Our two countries are members of the same community of democracies, bonded by our shared political and economic rights and devotion to universal ideals. We are hopeful about our continued collaboration in this regard.

Taiwan is an Island with a well-developed high-tech sector, robust economy, diverse culture, but disputed political status to global development trends and complex political dynamics, which also Somaliland shares. We stand with Taiwan’s important contributions to the international system in the areas of healthcare and advanced technology.

Somaliland is ready to learn good lessons from you as the current global trade environment as international trade and investment continue to be important engines of growth, productivity, innovation, job and wealth creation and overall development.

Taiwan’s advancement of technology as well as the new wave of its industrial revolution, provide avenues for Somaliland’s new infrastructure network to feed directly into wider regional and international trading systems.

The bilateral relationship between our two countries is bonded by our shared political and economic values. We are confident together that we will continue with joint efforts.

Our government and people are extremely appreciative of the extraordinary aid and support that the government and people of Taiwan have provided to Somaliland over the past two years. Somaliland and Taiwan share numerous ideals and pursuits. Both of us are shining examples of peace, democracy, and free markets.

We have many of the same close allies, and we confront the same enemies, such as piracy and international terrorism. We are grateful of Taiwan’s long-standing relationship with Somaliland in terms of development. This includes support for our elections and good governance, the expansion of access to information and communication technology, quality education, the growth of our mining and energy industry, and the provision of primary health care services, among many other sectors.

In closing, We convey the people of Taiwan the message to share the joy with the occasion of the celebration of this anniversary of Taiwan’s National Day. We wish your country and your own people an everlasting welfare, prosperity and sustainable success


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