Taiwan envoy to Somaliland wraps up East Africa tour


Taiwan representative to Somaliland, Allen Lou has finalized his East African tour; Kenya and Uganda to meet with overseas Taiwanese and highlight their achievements as well as to listen to their recommendations.

During his tour, Allen Lou expressed gratitude to the overseas Taiwanese for their efforts in promoting Taiwan. In Kenya, the Taiwan representative to Somaliland delivered a congratulatory letter to the president of the Taiwanese Emergency Assistance Association in Kenya.

He also presented an appointment letter for an overseas Taiwanese advisor to the president of the Uganda-Taiwan Chamber of Commerce as he acclaimed the Taiwanese in Africa for being excellent goodwill ambassadors.

Despite their small numbers, these communities are an extension of Taiwan’s strength, he said, adding that the Somaliland representative office will continue to listen to their suggestions.

However, Somaliland acts as a gateway to Eastern Africa and the rest of the continent for Taiwan and is able to facilitate travel and logistics needs for Taiwanese traveling in the region.


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