Somaliland’s New Head of Coastal Guard Assumes office


Ms. Farrah Yusuf

Staff Reporter

6th August, 2018

HARGEISA–Admiral Mohamed Husein Farah on Monday assumed as the new Chief of Somaliland Coast Guard during a ceremony held at the Coast Guard’s headquarters. The former chief of the coastal guards, Admiral Abdi Hirsi Husein who was shifted to become the presidential adviser on naval security, heads of immigration department and the correctional facilities, ministers and officials from international organizations that have working ties with the coast guards and other guests were present at the occasion.

Former chief of the coast guard, Mr. Du’ale has reiterated that the guards received a wide range of capacity building projects including patrol boats and buildings. Mr. Du’ale has stressed that the coastal guards conducted operations aimed at eliminating illegal fishing, piracy and smuggling in Somaliland’s territorial waters. Cabinet members who were in attendance at the ceremony commended the former chief for his achievements and congratulated on his appointment as presidential adviser on matters pertaining to naval security. The ministers also urged the new head of the guards to continue the success made by his predecessor. The former chief was said to be a man who had the experience and the knowledge for the post he served with diligence and smartness.



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