Somalilanders across the world urged to remain vigilant

(1). There are Anti-Somaliland movements led by Somaliland opponents at international scale!!
By Hussein Adan Igeh (Deyr);
Since 22 all-party-group Members of the British House of Commons have seriously deliberated over Somaliland’s recognition case on January 18th, 2022; there have been emerging strong conspiracy movements going on against Somaliland’s cause, particularly in U.S.A, UK, EU countries and elsewhere. The main objective of all those Anti-Somaliland Diaspora Movements led by our nemesis is to undermine our righteous and legitimate goal towards which the people of Somaliland have been cherishing for the past thirty years: “An independent State of Somaliland fully recognized among free global nations!”
Somaliland’s opponents are seriously preparing to hijack, sabotage and misinterpret the recent international attention to Somaliland’s quest for recognition where the global community is just catching up to the decades long ignored reality of the Republic of Somaliland.
In order to derail Somaliland’s recognition quest; in America for instance, Somaliland antagonists are hiring highly specialized law firms which they give them a clear mandate to prepare and submit a unionist legally substantiated contra-argument -(directed to the governments of UK, U.S.A, EU Member States, and other international bodies such as UN, AU, Arab League, IOC, etc)- that goes straight against Somaliland’s quest for recognition & self-determination.
According to a very reliable insider’s information sources, Somaliland’s opponents in North America are planning to demonstrate against our President H.E. Muse Bihi Abdi during his official state visit to the United States of America and Canada. They also want to carry and display all hateful slogans and scriptures in front of our President and members of his delegation. During the alleged demonstrations, Somaliland opponents want to depict Somaliland’s quest for recognition as illegal and unattainable cause pursued by a cessationist and breakaway northern region of Somalia, while heavenly advocating for the restoration of the MYTH and MENACE of the FOREVER DEAD-UNITY between Somaliland and Somalia.
(3). United Somalilanders Movement World-wide 🌐:
Each of us in Somaliland and in the Diaspora has not only a patriotic responsibility but also an obligation to defend our beloved country and confront by word and deed to those undermining our country’s interests. Organizing our people in the diaspora and at home is of paramount and immediate importance.
Somaliland’s enemies inside and outside are working day and night, and often in concert and cahoots, to sabotage our quest for recognition, to promote conflict and strife among Somalilanders and propagate lies, fake news and disinformation.
Therefore, in order to curb, counter and combat those who are opposing Somaliland’s quest for self-determination and independence, we need a much more organized, integrated, strategic and global level movement both at home and in the diaspora.
Unity is the basic ingredient that makes every nation successful. Therefore, as Somalilanders, the factors that bind us and bring our people together are far more important than those minor things that we may hold different views. We need to emphasize and strengthen the key elements that work for the social fabric and public interest and bring our citizens together.
The challenge that hovers on the sovereignty and recognition endeavour of our nation are ever more compelling reasons for each and everyone of us to maintain our nation’s unity and sense of togetherness. In this historic crossroad, we need to set aside our small differences driven by domestic political point scoring designed for local consumption. Let us show to our enemies our nation’s strength by displaying our people’s unity, spirit, togetherness and decisiveness in defending our noble common cause!
The Republic of Somaliland is surrounded by geographically hostile, volatile and hate-breeding countries. At a time of rising hostility and animosity towards the existence of our nation and country, Somaliland people have no other choice but defending their country’s independence and sovereignty with WORD, DEED AND STRENGTH.
Therefore, wherever Somalilanders live worldwide, we must remain very vigilant! We must closely monitor and keep a watchful eye on all those devilish movements against Somaliland’s recognition cause. Let us seek and unmask our adversaries and prepare ourselves to engage with our opponents wherever and whoever they are. We ought to defend our country’s independence, freedom and sovereignty by all means possible and with all our might.
Hussein Adan Igeh (Deyr),
About the Author:
Former Minister of Trade and Investment, Former Presidential Spokesman.


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