Somaliland: Women and Girls Football Pitch Fund Raising



Subax wanaagsan!

As beautiful as Somaliland is, a lack of facilities and other environmental factors make it difficult for women and girls to play sport and exercise.

3 years ago, we set up a Women’s and Girl’s football initiative in Hargeisa, which has rapidly grown attracting over 50 women and girls, each week, from a variety of communities throughout Somaliland’s capital city. Most women come to play, others come to watch and cheer.

Thank you all for your tremendous support to date, you have helped raise £1421, which has been spent directly on pitch hire, kit and equipment as promised!

We are now looking to build our own pitch, so we can be unrestricted as to when we can play. This would enable us to train when we want, organise tournaments, friendlies and run more community women’s sports days and events. It would not only provide a safe space for women and girls to exercise, but also a hub for teamwork, leadership and fun in the spirit of sport, health and happiness.

Ultimately, we want to turn this space into a women’s Sports and Health Centre which would be community-driven, run by women for women. Building this pitch is an important step towards this ambitious goal.

Land: 43k
Construction: 50k
Running Costs (1 year): 32k

The funds are managed by Asma, a Sporty Somali and myself, a British ex-performance athlete.
We really appreciate any contribution or words of encouragement for this community based initiative!

Mahadsanid, thank you!


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