Somaliland: Upper House of Parliament Send Message of Peace to Two Warring Clans


HARGEISA–The House of Elders (Guurti) speaker Hon.Suleiman Mohammud Adam has sent a peace message to two clans that are fighting in Sool province. During the skirmishes 14 people lost their lives and several were injured. This is according to information reaching Somaliland News Agency ( The senate elders called on the two clans to cease their hostilities. The chairman of the upper house of representatives requested the government to mediate between the two clans who a fore time had reached understanding to stop future conflicts between themselves.

The Guurti speaker told senators in the house of elders to be ready to engage the clans in a peace meeting so as to quell the hostilities amidst them in Sool region.

In another development the House of Elders speaker informed senators that the senate is going on a recess for 48 days.



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