Somaliland: Transport Minster Awards Contract unlawfully to next of kin trader



Minister of Transport from Somaliland has unlawfully awarded 325, 000 US dollar contract to supply dump trucks and grader to relative trader. The trader will supply the equipment to the road development authority. According to the official agreement, the minister has entered into the agreement with the trader by the name of Mr. Abdiwahab Mohumed Aw Aqli on 23rd of May, 2019. The minister of transport, Mr. Abdilahi Abokor Osman has not allowed the tender board to take in charge of the bidding of the tender but has signed the contract behind the curtains. As for the contract, the trader and the minister have agreed that each dump truck will be purchased with a cost of $48000 dollar while the grader is worth $85000 dollar. The government led by president Bihi repeated several times that the govt purchase which exceeds beyond 5000 US dollars will go through the tender board committee.


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