Somaliland: The VP Opens Hargeisa Int’l Book Fair Event



The Deputy Somaliland President has attended the opening of 12th event Hargeisa Int’l Book Fair which has kicked off in Hargeisa on Saturday. The DP, H.E Abdirahman Sayli’i has thanked the individuals in charge of organizing the event. He stressed that the Hargeisa Cultural Center has historic role in Somaliland progress. At the same time, the DP has welcomed the foreign attendees at the Book Fair. The DP also sent a plea to Somaliland populace to rally behind those who are contributing to the development of the nation. Mr. Sayli’i called on the public to observe peace and coexistence. The Vice President also conveyed a message to Somalia that they have to decide about their internal affairs and stop meddling Somaliland’s affairs.


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