Somaliland: The National Strategic Development Plan for GGACC (2020-2022)


The Good Governance and Anti-Corruption Commission (GGACC) of Somaliland conducted a consultation workshop on its National Strategic Plan for 2020-2022 that lasted for two days in the GGACC office (15-17 August, 2020). The workshop was attended by the senior management, departmental directorates and the employees of the commission.  The three-day consultation meeting on the National Strategic Plan for the Good Governance & Anti-Corruption Commission was closed by Dayib Aden Haji Ali, the Chairman of the GGACC who underlined that this is the second strategic plan to be established by the commission.

Speaking on the importance of the commission’s work, the chairman stated that GGACC is the national and autonomous commission which independently operates to improve the governance sector and fight against corruption.  He added that it exists to lead the governance sector to build strong and effective institutions capable with policies and initiate comprehensive response towards fighting against corruption.

Additionally, the chairman noted that the prominence of this strategic plan for the commission is to facilitate their work in the coming three years. The employees and the senior management who attended the three-day consultation workshop discussed this strategic plan and highlighted that it is in lined with Somaliland National Development 2, as well as the Ruling Party Manifest to combat corruption and promote good governance throughout the country.

The GGACC strives to achieve the highest possible efficiency, transparency and accountability in the government institutions and ready to undertake a wider reform in Somaliland in order to meet the national development Plan priorities and stimulate the good governance principles in the public sector.

GGACC Chairman Dayib Aden Haji Director General at GGACC Mohamoud Ismail Elmi






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