Somaliland: Stop existing petition against Mohamed Said Bk



There are a number of existing petitions against Mohamed Said Abdi Bk a great Somali Artist and a singer. Everything that has been written or said about Mohamed Said Abdi BK is false. All the allegations that has been made are false and based on politics within Somali Society. 

As the international community aware off somalians  are divided  into two major parts Somaliland (Formerly British procteroate) and South (British Italian proctetorae). 

Based on the above political grounds the Somalians  from south Somalia who are currently living in the UK are trying to make false accusations and revoke his permit and visa.

we will use this petition and any other means to stop them make their claim. 

This petition gives the right of The Somali artist and Singer to finish his stay without any restrictions and return safely to his country safely after his visa expires.


  1. This is outrageous and baseless accusations. Somalilanders should counteract to stop this nonsense and let us interpret what they are saying in the social media and the character assassinations against Mohamed PK. What PK said is not anything like what is circulating the in the social media. Things have been taken out of context, using only part of what PK said, so that the original meaning is changed, giving a misleading or false account of what have been said.


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