Somaliland: Senior Defense Forces Officer On The Badhan Situation




Major Gurey Osman Salah, speaking to the independent television channel, Bulsho TV, from the town of Badhan, has confirmed that the situation in eastern Sanaag is calm. Major Gurey also confirmed that the town is currently divided into two sectors, one side with the Somaliland authorities and the other side with the Puntland administration.

Speaking about the the size of the forces that recently defected from Somaliland, Major Gurey Osman Salah, denied the claims that they were four brigades, roughly between 700 and 800 hundred soldiers, but stated they were far less than that and that these forces had previously defected from Puntland.

Major Gurey Osman Salah, also stressed that Badhan and it’s environs are part and parcel of Somaliland, but more work needs to be done in terms of the civilian administration and economic development.

There have been no further confrontation between the Somaliland Defense Forces and the Puntland militia, since six people were killed in a skirmish outside the hamlet of Damale Hagare ten days ago.


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