Somaliland Reports 11 new Covid-19 cases.


Somaliland has also confirmed 11 more coronavirus cases as the number of the deadly pandemic rises as the nation conducts testing locally. The director General of the health ministry, Mohamed Abdi Hergeye, made the announcement on Saturday. The new cases were unearthed after second batch of tests were carried out in the national laboratory. All the new cases are present in Hargeisa the capital, according to the health ministry official. Yesterday the nation reported 11 other cases of Covid-19 across the nation in Yufle, Buroa, Hargeisa and Borama. Most of the new cases are people aged between 20 to 50 years old, Dr. Hergeye added. One more person recorded to have died of Covid-19 in the capital Hargeisa. So far four people have died of the respiratory disease in SL out of the discovered cases of 34.



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