Somaliland: Religious Committee Warn against New Year Celebrations



HARGEISA—The Committee of Promotion of Virtues and the Prevention of Vices (CPVPV) has warned against holding events marking the upcoming 2020 New Year in Somaliland.

The Committee called on the government of Somaliland and the security forces to do all they can to prevent from the youth in nationwide to hold events that are aimed at marking the beginning of the New Year 2020 which is about ti benign in days time.

Members of the Committee flanked by its Chair, Muse Jama, speaking to the local press on Sunday at its headquarters in Hargeisa, have said that the it is not permissible for Muslim community to revere the New Year.

The Committee said that Islam allows us to mark on the two festivals of Eid-Al-Adha and Eid-Al-Fitr.

“The coming days at this time around, it will mark the end of the Gregorian year and at the same time will mark the beginning of the New Year 2020. We warn against our community that there is no festival, joy nor celebrations. We as Muslims, we have to mark only two great occasions that the Almighty Allah mentioned in the Holy Kuran.” said Muse

The CPVPV Chair has warned against the youth in the state that they are forbidden to hold public events organized to revere the beginning of 202 New Year.

They have also warned the youth from going to sea during the New Year.


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