Somaliland: Qalam Educational and Technical Center to Award Special Scholarship Package for Government Workers



HARGEISA—Qalam Education & Technical Center which is an institution that offers academic and technical services for Somali populace in Hargeisa and other parts of the country will on the 26th of December unveil a scholarship package for government workers who are at one level or the other challenge with use of English for smooth operation of the day to day career activities.
This was disclosed by the executive director of Qalam Education & Technical Center, Mutiu Olawuyi.
” As a way of giving back to the community, QETC is unveiling a special scholarship package for government workers who are at one level or the other have certain challenges with the use of English Language for smooth operation of their day to day career activities. This time around we specifically focus on immigration officials which ate target and other gov’t sectors in the subsequent years Insha Allah. In addition, today’s annual scholarship package for Somaliland youth will be unveiled and Insha Allah this time around we have 100 youth from Somaliland who will be awarded for 2020 scholarship.” said Mutiu
The executive director of the institution, Mutiu Olawuyi added that the grand event is scheduled for Thursday the 26th of December, 2019 will be staged in a grand style.
For the first time in the history of Somaliland, the college of languages will be launching an academic Magazine prepared by the students.
“The event will be staged in grand style. How is it going to be? When we talk about grand style it will be historical because lots of common things will be unveiled on that day. For the first time in the history of this great nation since 1960, a college of languages will be launching in an academic magazine solely prepared and produced by the students of the college and it is no longer a news that as far as the country is concerned, QETC is the only institution that can provide with quality services within a short period of time.” Mutiu
The school which is rated as one of the best institutions of learning in the country will also unveil an award of the most productive and transparent public office holder of the year 2019.
Mutiu Olawoyu, the executive director of the school spoke to the local media ahead of the grand event and promised that Qalam will continue adding value to the education sector of this nation with unrelenting professionalism of quality in productive language and technical education for Somaliland populace.
” We believe it is with standard and quality education for strong nation building and this is why we ensure that our institution affordable for average Somaliland populace. QETC as we know is the only college in the country that provides internationally certified programs. In fact not only a diploma level but also at degree, masters and PhD levels specially with our partners with Al Madina International University in Malaysia. We strongly believe professionalism and quality education which can only change this nation if we thoroughly work on this path.” said Mutiu
The school has promised to award 100 youth for 2020 scholarship. Those who will be awarded are gov’t employees, security officers and others.


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