Somaliland President Receives an Elder Who Lost Family in Eryan interclan War


The president of Somaliland H.E Musa Bihi Abdi yesterday met with elder Jama Mohammud Ismael   at the presidential palace. The old man recently lost his two sons and a nephew in the tribal war that transpired in Eryaan village in Sanaag province. This is according to information distributed by Somaliland News Agency ( During the meeting the head of state shared with the old man his heartfelt condolences of his sons and nephew.

President Bihi promised the elder that the government will foot the bill of the deceased sons’ children upbringing. He added that from now hence forth he will not worry about the education of the children and other basic needs.

The head of state praised the old man for his good gesture not to seek revenge on the perpetrators of this heinous crime. This made peace prevail in the region.  The president was flanked by the minister of internal security Mr.Mohammed Kahin Ahmed, minister of livestock and fishery Mr.Hassan Mohammed Ali (Gafadhi) and the second vice chairman of the ruling party Kulmiye Mr.Ahmed Abdi Dheere.

On the other hand Inspire Group rewarded the elder Jama Mohammud Ismael with awards for promoting peace in Somaliland.



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