Somaliland: President Bihi & Emissaries Reach Peaceful Settlement over Colonel Aare’s Rebels



On Sunday, Somaliland President His Excellency Musa Bihi Abdi & Sanaag peace committee have reached a peaceful settlement concerning the fate of an armed rebel soldiers headed by renegade Colonel Said Aare which have established a base in the Erigavo’s mountainous area.
The meeting that the President has held with the peace emissaries have agreed to urgently bring an end to the protracted hostilities once and for all.
The two sides have seen eye to eye in rallying behind the maintenance of peace and national security in the restive Sanaag province.
President Bihi has reached the decision to fully accept the peace proposal for the sake of the national interest and is expected to pave the way for the exoneration of all armed soldiers by presidential pardon.
The President has reiterated that the soldiers have been involved in causing unrest and instability in the province which is a serious crime in Somaliland.
From now on the rebel soldiers will be integrated into the state’s armed forces once again.
The traditional chiefs namely Mohamed Hersi Qani and Sultan Mohamed Abdikadir were leading the peace committee that held the discussions with the president and paved the way for ending the stalemate.
The Head of State has clearly asserted that he is determined to strengthen peace and work towards the progress of Sanaag’s restive province.
Mr. Bihi has said that no one is above the law of the land and at same time is a must to uphold the country’s constitution.
The elders have thrown their weight behind the bold decision taken by president Bihi and have hailed the presidential pardon that he extended to the rebel members.
Hon. Musa has pledged to implement the agreement with his executive powers in order to further promote peace and the tranquility of the region.
He promised that the soldiers will receive a presidential pardon but  the fate of Colonel Said Aare remains unknown as far as the resolution is concerned.


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