Somaliland: New Information Minister Visits Tukaraq


A delegation headed by Somaliland’s new Information Minister arrived in Tukaraq yesterday where the locals had accorded with warm reception.

The minister flanked by the delegation crisscrossed the eastern provinces in Somaliland on a mission to find the facts on the ground. He was received by elders and local residents who turned out in droves. The local elders promised to work with Somaliland government and at the same time congratulated on his reinstatement as the new information minister. President Bihi transferred Mr. Suleiman Yusuf Ali alias Koore from the water affairs minister to the information portfolio. The minister had seen with his eyes the improvements and progress that the town had made since Somaliland government took over its control from Puntland which has border dispute with Somaliland. The minister along with the elders and locals had strolled down the township to show that it was enjoying a period of peace and tranquility after the takeover.


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