Somaliland: NDF launches a project to empower Women with disabilities in Burao


Somaliland’s National Disability Forum launched the 2nd community mobilization project in Buroa, which is aimed at empowering women with disabilities.

The mission of the forum is to provide capacity building on fundamental rights of women with disabilities in the region.

The country’s National Disability Forum carried out similar projects in Hargeisa and expected more other towns to have akin chances.

This project which is sponsored by the Urgent Action Fund based in Nairobi, Kenya, is aimed to provide with essential attention desperately needed by women with disabilities.

Officials stressed the social challenges confronted with disabled women including the physical environment that is not accessible to them and the negative attitudes toward disabilities.

The chair of SL National Disability Forum Dahir Abdi Husein stated the significance of giving social platforms for the disabled women.

DG of SL National Disability Forum Mohamed Ahmed Isse said that he is optimistic that this project will be used as a vehicle to empower women with disabilities.


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