Somaliland National Electoral Commission Holds Workshop for Election Trainers


Somaliland National Electoral Commission (SLNEC) has initiated a seminar to train electoral staff. The trainees will be responsible for the training of  new voting station employees who will partake the registrations of voters. The voters registration exercise will commence on 28th December 2022.

Speaking to the electoral staff a top official of the elections body said “I’m very delighted for you after completion of this training. I want you to carry yourselves in a professional manner when you begin training the elections staff.”

The electoral commissioners urged the trainers to make sure they showcase their technical expertise in elections stations country wide.

Addressing participants at the meeting the chairman of Somaliland National Electoral Commission (SLNEC) Mr.Musa Hassan Haji Yusuf stated “You are the  very fortunate few who were selected to become teachers of trainers. Many people in the country sent their applications to us but were unsuccessful. You have been chosen for your previous experience and good standing and you will continue holding these positions as long as you show good workmanship.”

The chairman of the electoral body urged the TOT to be discreet with the information entrusted to


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