Somaliland Lifts suspension from Air Arabia Airlines



Civil Aviation Regulator in Somaliland has officially announced it has lifted the ban placed on Air Arabia Airlines from operating in the country.

Omar Sayid Abdilahi, the director in charge of the civil aviation regulator, speaking to the state media run, on Sunday, has said that lifting the ban on Air Arabia was based on the premise after the civil aviation authorities of both sides have hammered a bilateral agreement.

He said that SL and Air Arabia made a progressive choice in order to shape the future of both countries.

He urged other airlines that are keen to start direct flights to and from Somaliland to reach an agreement with Somaliland in the first place.

last year Somaliland banned Fly Dubai and Air Arabia airlines from its skies after they heeded directives issued by Somalia’s authority calling the airlines to stop int’l flights to and from Somaliland.




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