Somaliland is Setting up lab, buys equipment to give COVID-19 tests



Somaliland government is rapidly increasing its capability to strengthen the health sector to curb with the outbreak of the deadly novel coronavirus pandemic in the country.

The unrecognized state which does not receive international aid has announced that it has purchased the first COVID-19 testing lab.

The Coronavirus National Preparedness Committee against COVID-19 further announced  that the Covid-19 Diagnostic lab which will be arriving in the coming few days & trained Lab professionals for testing.

This is part of the government’s new measure to contain the spread of COVID-19 which has infected two people as Somaliland authority announced earlier.

The high capacity laboratory testing equipment will be used for the detection of cases of COVID-19.

Somaliland said that the country is ready to assist warn torn countries of Somalia and Yemen in testing suspected people that have contracted COVID-19 with Somaliland’s testing lab facility.

Somaliland says that it has taken blood samples for testing at least 20 people who were suspected of in contact with the two people in which Somaliland government announced they tested positive for COVID-19.

It is expected that the results of the blood test will be released in the coming days.

Somaliland also has announced that it will send 186 officers who will be driving 86 vehicles and will conduct awareness raising on COVID-19 all across Somaliland provinces.

The officers are from the ministries of health and information.

The National Task Force informed police force and local governments in Somaliland to take tough actions against owners of soccer pitches and business stalls that are still open and have rejected to comply with the orders of the committee.

The presidential spokesman and the mayor of Gebiley were quarantined as per the directive of the committee for 14 days. The two officials have returned from a trip to UK and were placed in quarantine as part of Somaliland’s measure to fight the spread of the COVID-19.

They had undergone further tests and their health is great.




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