Somaliland: Information Minister holds talks with US agency for global media officials



The minister of information from Somaliland is currently in Ethiopia for high level meetings with US Agency for Global Media.

The minister, Mr. Mohamed Muse Deriye flanked by the director responsible for planning at the information ministry held discussions with Director for US agency for global media and Dr. Joyce Ngoh, the regional marketing director, VOA for the African continent.

According to a press statement issued by the information ministry stated that the two sides talked about ways to enhance cooperation.

The minister from Somaliland has appealed to US support for upgrading the knowledge and technicians of the state run media mainly Radio Hargeisa and the national television.

The minister of information and the govt led by president Bihi come under fire for the suppression of freedom of the press in Somaliland.

Reporters are arrested on regular basis without following legal procedures whilst media houses were closed down.

The govt is accused of chasing the journalists is that they are critical to govt and cannot tolerate the freedom of the press which the country’s constitution has guaranteed for all citizens.



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