Somaliland hosts thousands of refugees



HARGEISA–The government has announced that 20, 000 refugees live in the country and at the same time has repatriated hundreds of Somaliland refugees from across the globe back home. This was announced by the chairperson of refugee and Internally Displaced People’s agency, Mr. Abdikarim Ahmed Mohamed. The chairman has further asserted that the refugees mainly come from Ethiopia, Eritrea, Yemen, Sudan, Syria and Iraq. Mr. Abdikarim further stated that all refugees and IDP’s in Somaliland have been registered. He also said that Somaliland refugees have been repatriated from Libya, Niger, Sudan, Indonesia, and Yemen. They have voluntarily returned to their home land. The chairman has announced that 1, 277 people from SL returned to the country in 2018. He said that once Somaliland refugees who have been repatriated from overseas have arrived at airports, they receive money in cash. They also receive 200 USD for first six months in order to get used to life. The chairperson further revealed that the gov’t sets up a commercial stall for their choice. There was a recent alarm that IDP’s in major provincial towns in the country experienced acute shortage of water and the government announced to water truck them.





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