Somaliland: High Court Settles Longest raging Building dispute and put it on sale



Somaliland’s High Court on Wednesday has ruled the longest raging dispute over the ownership of building in the heart of Hargeisa, the capital

The case has been going on for the past 40 years and had started in 1982.

The case has been bitterly contested by the two families:-

  1. Yusuf Farah Qasaali vs Mohamed Abdilahi Diirqadhaadh and Ismail Nur Qaasali

The case which has been in the court for over decades centers on the ownership of the building that lies in the south west of grand mosque in Hargeisa.

The Chief Justice, Adam Haji Ali has said that the case at the court had gone through different stages.

He stated the case has been going on in the court since Somaliland’s inception.

Chief Justice Adam has revealed that the Council of Elders once tried to mediate the dispute but all its attempts ended in vain.

He said that for Somaliland president Ahmed Silanyo and the Council of Elders had referred the case to the high court in 2016 in order to settle the dispute since it mediates land disputes.

The Chief Justice has stated that the court appointed a committee comprising of elders and sultans and the representatives from two sides that are engaged the building dispute.

He announced that the court has finally issued a resolution today.

He thanked the sides that have wholeheartedly accepted the resolution issued by the mediation committee.

Mr. Adam has said that he was in charge of the case for the past 4 years and indebted to the sides that have accepted the final resolve.

The court has issued the ruling and put the building on sale.


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