Somaliland Held Covert Meeting with the chair of Somalia’s reconciliation committee




Somaliland minister for foreign affairs flanked by Ms. Adna Aden held a covert meeting with the chair of Somalia-Somaliland reconciliation committee chair behind the scenes in Djibouti.

Somaliland delegation met with Mr. Abdilahi Ismail, the chair of the reconciliation committee recently appointed by president Farmajo of Somalia.

The covert meeting which its details were sketchy took place in undisclosed location in Djibouti on the 18th of October.

There was no outcome regarding the get together meeting between Somaliland and Somalia.

According to reliable sources informed that both sides agreed in principle to resume the stalled negotiations  between Somalia and Somaliland.

No fixed date had been confirmed for the official recommencement of the talks between the two sides.

The irony is that Somaliland is conducting secret meetings with a committee that it dismissed to hold talks with the committee nominated by Mr. Farmajo.

Somaliland and Somalia talks came to halt following the change of helms once Farmjo and Bihi assumed the leaderships of both sides.

Somaliland recently named issued benchmarks that it said was the basis of the resumption of the dialogue.


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