Somaliland Gov’t pledges 5 million USD for the provision of clean water to Lasanod



Lasanod– A delegation led by the minister for water resources development, Mr. Sulieman Yusuf Ali Koore arrives in Lasanod today. The minister has announced that the current government under the leaderhsip of president Bihi has planned to provide potable water to the residents. The gov’t has allocated 5 million USD for the provision of clear water in regard to Lasanod residents said the minister in a remarks. The minister has promised that each and every household in Lasanod, Sool’s provincial capital will get tap water. Regional authority welcomed the minister and his delegation upon reaching Lasanod. They said that the throngs who turn out to receive him shows how the residents are desperately in need of clean water. For the past years the provincial capital was in search of adequate water to its residents but the question remains if the current water affairs minister will accomplish that mission.



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