Somaliland Government Concerned over worsening drought


The chairman of the Somaliland National Disaster and Food Security Agency Mr. Faisal Ali Sheikh Mohamed has announced that in the next three months, it is feared that the number of people affected by the drought will reach one million and two hundred, unless rains pour through God’s mercy.

He also mentioned that about eight hundred and ten thousand people are seriously impacted by the drought that is currently sweeping the country. He added that his agency and the National Drought Relief Committee are working to provide food and water to those impacted by the drought and that the current drought situation in the country is at a critical juncture.

Likewise, he said that the drought was more severe in Sool, Sanaag Togdeer and has also hit the Sahil to Awdal areas and southern Marodi Jeex regions. Furthermore, he  underscored the fact that the people needed immediate assistance to be rescued. He was speaking at a meeting with the Environment and Natural Resources committee of the Somaliland House of Representatives.

Chairman Faisal speaking on the issue said, “Many regions of Somaliland have been affected by the drought, and the rains have not fallen. We have sent a technical committees to the six regions of the country; the problem of drought is feared to impact up to 810,000 people who are in need of emergency assistance, and is projected to reach one million and two hundred people, in the next three months if the drought persists.

The drought affected people are currently being sent relief by the Somaliland Drought Commission to deliver water and pasture.


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