Somaliland Gov Move to Cancel Somali Youth Summit



Somaliland Gov on Monday has made a last minute move to cancel Somali National Youth Summit, local media reported. The National Somali Youth Conference was supposed to be held at Hargeisa University. The Ministry of Interior apprised of Hargeisa University management to suspend the meeting and not transpire at the varsity meeting hall. The gov has not so far commented on the reasons for cancelling the meeting. Youth and Sports Minister, Boos Mire, former minister of energy, scholars, intellectuals and members of civil society organizations were invited to attend the high level youth meeting. The theme of the conference was exploiting opportunities and youth development. Ms. Samai Abdirisak was the woman behind the establishment of the Somali Youth Summit. The gov already gave the go head of the youth meeting to take place in Somaliland but there are a lot of question marks over why the ministry of interior hastily canceled.


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