Somaliland: Four citizens sentenced to jail terms released by presidential pardon



Four Somaliland citizens who have been convicted and sentenced to jail terms by provincial court in Hargeisa released through a presidential pardon. Three of them were serving their jail terms while one was sentenced in absentia.

The chairman of Justice and Welfare party-UCID, Mr. Faisal Ali Warabe played a key role in the release of the youngsters. The regional court sentenced them to jail terms between 2 to 4 years imprisonment. The court convicted them after declaring that a mayor was chosen in Mohamud Haybe & Mohamed Moge villages in the south of the capital.

The released citizens are:-

  1. Mr. Husein Ibrahim
  2. Mr. Husein Shabeel
  3. Mr. Hasan Husein Mohamed
  4. Mr. Jamal Jama Ahmed who is a fugitive.

The released citizens paid a courtesy call to the chairman of Justice & Welfare party, Hon. Faisal Ali Warabe at his office in Hargeisa. They appreciated the way he played a lion’s share in the release of the convicted citizens.




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