Somaliland Coast Guard senior management enhance their Coast Guard law knowledge


To support decision making and update their knowledge on legal issues the senior management of the Somaliland Coast Guard attended EUCAP organized one-day workshop on the Somaliland Coast Guard, which was passed by the Somaliland parliament in 20218.

“It’s vital for Somaliland Coast Guard senior management to have a deep knowledge on Coast Guard law and use of executive power in that framework to be able to make decisions in different situations,” said Deputy Admiral Hassan Ali.

According to the Deputy Admiral, the EUCAP team was invited to organise the training due to its advisors’ international experience. Apart from the Coast Guard law knowledge updates, the participants were pleased with the networking opportunity.

Colonel Omar Adil, Head of Saylac station, comments: “It’s the first time that all senior management teams from different stations joined a training together. We need discussions concerning different cases to be able to be more united in our approach.”

To further unify the approach of Somaliland Coast Guard, the colonel welcomed similar training which was organized for Coast Guard officers, Police, Immigration, Attorney General, Solicitor General and Somaliland lawyer’s association.

EUCAP Head of Maritime Security and Coast Guard Unit in Hargeisa, Kenneth Neijnes, appreciates the opportunity to better understand the views of Somaliland Coast Guard senior officials on how to support them to develop their institution.

“It was inspiring to have so much experience in the same room and to have the opportunity to ask questions and get answers on how Somaliland Coast Guard usually solves their tasks is a great opportunity,” Neijnes concludes.

To enhance Somaliland’s capacities on Coast Guard functions EUCAP will continue to arrange workshops, also in cooperation with other international agencies, such as UNSOM, to develop the Coast Guard’s cooperation with the police, Port Authority, Immigration and Customs.


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