Somaliland belittles the act of aggression from Puntland


HARGEISA– Somaliland has the military might to repulse against an attack launched by Puntland soldiers says President, Bihi while performed Eid Al Adha prayers with hundreds of worshipers at grand mosque which lies in the heart of Hargeisa.

The president was responding to the threat and act of aggression from Puntland which is engaged land spat with Somaliland over the past years. President Bihi reiterated that Somaliland is committed to live in peace and security with all its neighbors. Hon. Bihi as the SL Head of State has also emphasized that he was taken aback by Somali authority provocation of war with Somaliland. He said that enough is enough in regard to the thousands of people killed during the civil wars in Somalia. Somaliland has built robust defense forces that can easily overpower their Somali counterpart.

The army chief, Brigadier General Nuh Tani also sent cable to all men and women in uniform who are in the front lines. All Somaliland leaders have made their point very clear which they said loud and clear that they love to have peace with their neighbors. The army chief stressed that Somaliland has enough forces that can defend its territory from any threat from its foes.




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