Somaliland Armed Forces Officer Gunned Down in Yagori



LASANOD—Somaliland armed forces officer by the name of Mr. Abdirashid Abdilahi Hasan alias ” Dhego Weel” was gunned down in Sool region. The slain officer was a captain in rank  and was killed yesterday evening. The officer was killed by another lone soldier of the armed forces according to reports. Reports confirm that the perpetrator of this crime has escaped and still remains fugitive. A member of Somaliland’s house of elders by the name of Mr. Abdihakim Omar Farah from Sool’s region who is currently staying in Widh Widh has confirmed the killing of the officer. Reports further confirm that the killing transpired in Yagori which lies 60 Km north of Lasanod, Sool’s provincial capital. The MP has sent condolences to the bereaved family members and relatives.




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