Somalia’s Planning Minister is elected to parliament seat


By: Ms. Farrah Mohumed Yusuf

Regional Staff Reporter

GAROWE–Somalia’s planning minister, Hon. Jamal Mohamed Hasan is elected for parliamentary seat which was vacated by another MP.The election took place in Garowe as Jamal beat his main rival Hon. Mohamud Abdilahi Mohamed.

The minister got 46 votes, two votes were discarded while his opponent did not receive any votes. Delegates from the minister’s clan cast their votes while Ms. Halimo, Somalia’s electoral commission chairwoman was presiding over the election. The loser, Hon. Mohamud who did not receive any votes conceded defeat and told that the election was just fair. Traditional leader who spoke on behalf of Puntland elders congratulated on the winner. Hon. Dhahar has vacated the seat who was appointed as consular to Somalian embassy in Djibouti on the 26th of September, 2018. Mr. Jamal will be sworn in as a member of Lower house of Somalia’s Federal parliament.

Labada murashax ee tartamayey

Wasiir Jamaal wuxuu helay 49 cod oo ka mid ah 51ka cod ee ergada beesha


Codaynta waxaa maamulayey guddiga doorashooyinka ee Soomaaliya

Qaar ka mid ah ergadii codka dhiibanaysay

Madaxweyne ku xigeenka Puntland oo hadlay ka dib doorashada



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