Somalian President Issues Statement on Eil Afweyn inter clan fighting



The Somalian president, Mr. Mohamed Abdilahi Farmajo has deplored the recent inter clan skirmishes that transpired in El Afweyn in Sanaag province which left behind human casualties. The Somalian leader has sent sincere condolences to the families that lost loved ones in the animosity killings between the two brotherly clans and hoped for those who have sustained injuries to have a speedy recovery. The Somalian leader is calling on officials of Somaliland administration, traditional elders, religious leaders, civil society organizations,women and the youth to all they can to stop the recurring of the fighting between two two tribes. He urged the this must stop and added at this time it would be unworthy to let the shedding of the blood of our people. The Somalian leader reminded the warring sides that they share marriage and blood.


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