Somalian PM Returns Home following a trip to Belgium, France & Qatar


The Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia, Hassan Ali Khayre, returned to the country last tonight after working trips to France, Belgium and Qatar, and was welcomed by ministers, lawmakers and other officials at Aden Abdulle International Airport.

Mr. Hassan Ali Khayre began his successful tour in France, and was received by the French President Emmanuel Macron in Paris.

The Prime Minister, who attended the annual Paris Peace Forum, visited the Somali embassy in Paris, and pledged that the government would renovate the embassy and the official residency of the Somali ambassador to France.

Hassan Ali Kheyre in the sidelines of the Paris meeting , met the foreign ministers of France, The Netherlands, Russia, Finland and Sweden’s Secretary of State.

During his visit, the Prime Minister discussed strengthening of bilateral relations between the European Union and Somalia, the issue of debt consolidation and the progress made by the government’s in reforming key government institutions in the country.

The Prime Minister also met with the president of the Islamic Development Bank, Bandar Hajjar and Secretary General of Reporters Without Borders.

Mr. Hassan Ali Khayre traveled from France to Belgium and met with the Chairperson of the European Commission for International Cooperation and Development and the European Union’s vice president, for a strong relationship between the EU and Somalia. They agreed to work together on matters peace, security, economic development and strengthening democracy.

Khayre’s 10 day tour concluded in Qatar, where he met the Emir of Qatar, Prince Tamim bin Hamad Al than. The two discussed strengthening relations between the the brotherly nations and fostering the long traditional and cooperative relations between the two countries .


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