SL Wraps Up ILO program


Mr Ali Abdi BEM, stated Welsh Government are ready for the inclusion of Somaliland in their International Learning Opportunities programme.

Mr Abdi, who has been a member of the Welsh Somaliland Diaspora has arrived in Hargeisa, Somaliland on a scoping visit to explore the possibility of the ILO Programme sending Qualified and Experienced Diaspora Volunteers to work for up to 8 weeks in the Republic of Somaliland.

During 2 weeks visit to Somaliland, he is working to scope out outplacement opportunities for Qualified and Skilled members of the Somaliland Diaspora to be placed with institutions in Hargeisa and plans to visit both Government and Non-Governmental Organizations.


The successful ILO Participants will be working on projects which help to deliver the UN Sustainable Development Goals. They will also be developing their leadership skills.

The ILO programme is designed to stretch participants. It is an immersive experience which will take individuals out of their comfort zone. The skills and understanding that the programme provides can be invaluable. Invaluable to participants, to organizations in Somaliland and to Wales.

The Welsh Government reported that since 2007 nearly 200 participants have experienced living and working in an African country as part of the ILO Programme. Participants have returned with new found insights into adapting and working with limited resources. This has strengthened their skills as a leader – to improve what is delivered for the people of Wales in challenging times.

Ministry of Parliamentary Relations and Constitutional Affairs who facilitated his itinerary stated really keen to support the Diaspora Volunteers from Wales with their placements in our institutions. We wish Mr Ali Abdi all the success during his scoping visit and will ensure we meet a cross-section of organisations taking action on SDGs and capacity-building activities in Somaliland.”

Mr Ali Abdi, who thanked for the welcome said, first of all I want to thank everyone that has helped to facilitate the visit and make it a smooth process.  We already know that Somaliland and Wales have a strong relationship lasting over 150 years and in Wales, there are 10,000 members of our community and among us are Doctors, Nurses, Lawyers, Professors and lots of other expertise all ready to contribute to the development of Somaliland.  The ILO programme with the Welsh Government allows us to do just that and place this expertise in places where they are needed the most.  It has so far been really well received and I am now looking forward to the possibility of seeing these placements come into fruition.”


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