Senate Starts Hearing of House Committees Recommendations



The upper house of parliament held a hearing session for different parliamentary committees. According to the senate information board the committees had been assigned to collect information in their specific portfolios. The senate committees given the assignment are as follows social services senate committee, senate committee for security and senate committee for justice.

The chairman of senatorial committee for social services Hon.Abdikarim Sheikh Omar Furre informed the senate about education predicament of poor families in the country. He reported that some poor households could not afford to pay school fees for their children.

Senatorial committee on social services chairman confirmed that the ministry of education had completed the preparation of the Somaliland education curriculum. He told the senate that the government had drilled dams and boreholes in different regions and districts across the country. He urged the Hargeisa Water Agency to speed up the installation of water resources in Maroodijeeh region.

Chairman of senatorial committee for foreign affairs Hon.Abdiqadir Mohamed Hassan (Indha-indho) revealed to the house about the visitation of various delegations from France and the United Kingdom. He stated that the delegates commended Somaliland democrats and development.

Human Rights and justice senate committee chairman Hon.Mohamud Hareed Rooble informed the senate about the justice department and recommended the uplifting of education of judges and magistrates in the country. He also suggested the protection of rights of justice department employees. Hon.Hareed revealed that the justice department had made tremendous progress, he encouraged the court on wheels which tours different regions to dispense justice should continue as it has helped solve many disputes and cases in the hinterland.

The senate committee on security and defense Hon.Abdihakim Omar Farah Budeeye told the senate that motor vehicles accidents have increased. He recommended that clans disputes should be solved through talks and consensus.


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