Save The Children Officials pay a courtesy call to VP from Somaliland



The Vice President Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail alias Sayli’i on Thursday warmly received top Save the Children officials in Somaliland.

In the first place the officials from Save the Children have briefed the deputy president from Somaliland on how their office operates in the country.
They have also remarked that they responded well to the humanitarian crisis in the aftermath of Sagar cycle which hit hard to coastal provinces in Somaliland.
The organization established its presence in 1951 and is currently involved the implementation of development projects across provinces in Somaliland.
The Save the Children delegation was led by Mr. Johanne Schmidt-Nielsen, head of the agency in the Sub Saharan countries. He was accompanied by  Mr. Jakob Eilsoe Mikkelson, and the director, Mr. Merete Gotsaed.
The DP from Somaliland thanked the officials for the close partnership between Save the Children and Somaliland government.
Finally, they have pledged to continue the implementation of development in the country.


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