Salahley residents support military with livestock again



The administration of Salahley district in the Marodijeh region has handed over livestock to the JSL national army once more.

54 animals were collected by the resident herdsmen who live in the district, which is a second phase of the community’s assistance to the national army. They initially gave the military 350 shoats and 17 camels.

The administration of Salahley district handed over the animals to senior military officials at hand in the presence of Maroodi-jeeh regional governor Mohamed Ahmed Aalin and the DG of the interior ministry Mohamed Yusuf amongst other government officials.

The Salahley district administrator who briefed the handing over event on their efforts of the collections of the animals in support of the national armed forces said, “In the first phase, we participated as a district, the community handed over 350 sheep and 17 camels to the national army. Today we are handing over 54 camels”.

The governor of Marodijeh region, Mohamed Ahmed Aalin (Tiimbaro), thanked the community of Salahley district for the support provided by the national army.

He said that of the 54 camels, 50 of them will be handed over to the national army, while the other 4 will be handed over to the police.

“The camels brought by the community of Salahley, totaling 54 camels, I am handing over 50 camels to the military. The other 4 camels are reserved for the police,” said the governor of Marodijeh region.

The military members also thanked the residents for their gesture.

The Director General of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Somaliland, Mohamed Yusuf, said that the support given by the community to the army does not mean that the national army is in need, but rather a gesture in support of the military forces that the populaces stand by them.


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