ruling Kulmiye party delays fourth convention due to COVID-19



Somaliland’s Kulmiye Ruling Party on Sunday postponed holding its fourth National Convention citing the coronavirus health crisis. The party previously announced holding its assembly at the beginning of June, 2020. The second deputy chairman of the party, Ahmed Ali Dheere, made the announcement in a press conference. Ahmed said that the party informs that all supporters, the central committee and the executive council that the convention has been postponed until further notice. Ahmed has rejected that there is no conflict within the party in a response to a question asked by the reporter during the press briefing. Kulmiye party chooses its leaders and candidates for president in their conventions. Numerous party leaders including cabinet ministers have announced their aspiration to become the next chairman of the party. Most notably is the former strongman in the last Kulmiye government, Mohamud Hashi. The current deputy chairman of the party, Mohamed Kahin is also expected to join the race. Candidates with lesser chances include the former planning minister, Mohamed Ibrahim Aadan, and the president Bihi’s political Advisor, Ali Waran-Adde.



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