Puntland President finally complies with UN & IGAD peace proposal with Somaliland



The President of Puntland, Hon. Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gass has finally accepted to comply with the ceasefire agreement that was brokered by the United Nations and IGAD officials.

The deal calls on both Somaliland and Puntland to cessation of hostilities and that both sides honor the ceasefire in place where the two forces clashed in Tukaraq settlement in Sool region. Mr. Gass has finally decided to accept the peace proposal brokered by UN special envoy to Somalia, Hon. Nicholas Haysom who shuttled between Hargeisa and Garowe. Mr. Gass has officially admitted that he wants to abide by the peace proposal that has been brokered by UN special envoy. Mr. Gass, Puntland president has vehemently denied the truce which was spearheaded by Nicholas Haysom on several occasions. Somaliland leader has reiterated on numerous occasions that he is a man of peace and therefore would honor the truce proposed by UN special envoy and IGAD officials who embarked on mediation efforts to bring the Tukaraq hostilities to an end.



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