Puntland move troops in border tensions with Somaliland escalate


Tension between Somaliland and Puntland over the border in Sool province have escalated, with Puntland reportedly moved troops into the contested territory.

Somaliland troops based in Tukaraq district were on high alert and were fully mobilized to prevent from Puntland’s incursions.

The troop build up was caused while Somaliland is trying to prevent the infiltration of political movement of the newly registered political associations in Puntland are contesting in multi-party politics may have in the region.

Puntland deployed troops and set up military barracks in the outskirts of Boocame, in what Somaliland considers its territory.

Puntland’s newly registered political associations have tried to open offices in Boocame which has irked Somaliland authority.

Bocame is 60 km from Garowe and is situated in the west and is a township were both authorities claim its ownership.

Both administrations do not smooth work in the town.

Boocame is close to Tukaraq whereby Somaliland troops took control in 2018 after the expulsion of Puntland troops from the area.



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