Puntland Media Reveal a Clandestine Plot by Their Leader to Attack Somaliland



Garowe – According to news emanating from Garowe the president of the Somalia administered region Mr.Abdiweli Ali Gaas is planning to win the parliamentary and presidential election to be in January 2019. He is planning a clandestine plot to start a proxy war with Somaliland that will win him public sympathy. This information was leaked by media houses in Garowe town.  The Puntland president afore time attacked Somaliland territory of Tukaraq however suffered a heavy defeat at the hands of Somaliland disciplined armed forces.

According to news portal called Garowe online president Abdiweli Gaas send three of his ministers as emissaries to his militia based at the frontline. The ministers were to inform the Puntland militia commanders to get ready for an invasion and attack on Somaliland army units based at the border town of Tukaraq. However the commanders based their showed a cold shoulder attitude to the ministers’ information from their president.

According to Garowe online Mr.Abdiweli Gaas plan to try and instigate chaos in the regions so that elections are postponed for him to continue clinging to power. Somaliland army taught his militia a lesson they will never forget when they twice tried to infiltrate Somaliland sovereign borders in January and May of 2018.

The news portal went further to confirm that the Puntland president standing in the eyes of the public has suffered irreparable damage because his administration has been dogged with corruption and terrorists have found a safe haven in his jurisdiction.

On the other hand Somaliland is ready to live in peace with her neighbors however the constant interferences in her international affairs by Somalia will leave it with no other option but to protect her independence and sovereignty of her territorial integrity at all cost.

By: Somaliland News Agency


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