Press Statement on House Representatives and Local Council Elections: Civil Society


The Somaliland Civil Society Organizations held series of meetings from 5th to 9th of August 2018, which members of civil society have discussed the upcoming elections of House of Representatives and Local Council that was scheduled to be held simultaneously in March 2019. These meetings have discussed the importance of holding two elections that Somaliland has planned to be held in March 2019.

The Somaliland Civil Society Organizations have collectively agreed that any further delays of the House of Representatives and Local Council elections will discredit Somaliland’s political, social and economic development. Therefore, members of civil society hereby declares that it will not be acceptable for further delays on the elections of House of Representatives and Local Council, which were overdue more than ten years, in particularly the House of Representatives elections.

Civil society also discussed complains concerning about representation of seats in the House of Representatives, in particular, regions of Adwal and Sool. Thus, civil society is hereby advising to convene necessary discussions on the representations of the seats of the House of the Representatives in order to prevent further arguments on the seats allocations of the House of Representatives.

Therefore, civil society organizations are recommending the following:-

  1. The elections of Representatives and Local Council should be held on its planned timeframe March 2019, whatever instigating election postponement should be avoided and commended the need for prompt approval of the elections law at the House of Representatives session currently.


  1. Final and lasting solution should be reached on the regional seat representations of the House of Representatives, this can be done through national consultations headed by the President of the Republic of Somaliland, participation of political parties, Houses of Parliament, civil society, traditional elders, religious leaders and intellectuals should be part of the process. Comprehensive roadmap is needed in order to overcome the obstacles of regional seat distribution. The solution of this matter should not be later than the month of August, so to be in line with the election timeframe and the work plan leading timely elections.


  1. Arguments between Waddani party and National Electoral Commission should be resolved promptly. It is necessary that the President to open direct talks with the leaders of Waddani party in order to resolve this matter of party complaints about NEC.


  1. Recommended that the President, Parliament, political parties and the public should give special attention on the allocations seats of women and minority in the Representatives and Local Council elections.

Finally, members of civil society are again calling the need to avoid any further delays of elections; such delay may risk Somaliland’s democratization process and damages the entire credibility of Somaliland.


Anwar Abdirahman Warsame

SONSAF Chairman



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