Premier says Police will Unveil Findings on Grenade Attack, Death of Engineer Simegnew Shortly


Addis Ababa August 26/2018 The investigative report on a grenade attack during a rally in Addis Ababa and the death of Engineer Simegnew Bekele, Project Manager of the GERD, to be publicize shortly.

In his first press conference he gave on Saturday to the media since he took office in April, Prime Minister Abiy Ahimed said police have been investigating the two incidents and findings will be announced without delay.

On June 23, 2018, a massive rally held in Addis Ababa in support of Prime Minister Abiy’s achievements, was disrupted by a grenade attack.

Similarly, Engineer Simegnew Bekele, who was project manager of Ethiopia’s flagship hydropower project – the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), has been found dead in his car at Meskel Square in the capital Addis Ababa last July.

Police have opened investigations into the possible roots of the grenade attack on Meskel Square causing the death of four people and many injuries, the Premier said.

According to Abiy, the government also set up a directive to probe the circumstances surrounding the death of Engineer Simegnew Bekel, which is the ‘most high-profile’ death recently in the country.

Police will unveil the findings of investigations to the public within short period of time, the Premier indicated.



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