Police Force Commences Community Policing Workshop in Hargeisa


Deputy Minister of Interior Hon. Nasir Aideed and the Deputy Commander of the Somaliland Police Force, Brigadier General Abdi Hassan Mire, on Thursday inaugurated a workshop on community policing intended to enhance co-operation between the police and the community, and will be extended to all regions of Somaliland.

Speaking at the meeting, Captain Mohamed Yusuf, Head of International Police Relations, said that the police-community co-operation program has been on for a long time and has been held in many parts of the country. Its value has shown to improve security, crime declining, especially organized youth crimes.

Brigadier General Abdi Hassan Mire, who addressed the gathering, said that there is an important relationship between the police force and the community.

“The police force works for the community and without the cooperation of the community they cannot work alone. Workshop is to improve that cooperation, which is in the interest of our security”, he said.

Hon. Nasir Aideed, who officially opened the workshop, said the police and the public have worked together in the past, and security committees have been working on security issues for a long time “so today’s meeting is a reminder to redouble their efforts”.

A similar workshop was also held at Mohamed Moge district neighborhood, and more is expected to be held in remaining districts in the capital and throughout all regions of the country near future.

Mahmud Waleleye


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