NEC concludes voter cards distribution in readiness for upcoming elections


Chairman of the National Elections Commission Hon. Musa Hassan Yusuf has declared that their institution has completed the main task of distributing the voter registration cards which was done in two phase. Initially they started giving out the cards to Awadal, Sanaag and Sahil regions and lastly in Maroodi-jeh, Togdeer, and Sool regions.

Commissioner Musa who gave an interview on Wednesday June 21st in a BBC Somali Radio programme said that, “Today, the last three regions remaining have concluded their voter card distributions”.

The cards were being collected by newly registered potential voters, those who replaced theirs and also those who relocated and changed polling stations.

He noted that the exercise and process went successfully well in the whole country.

He explained that their task was next to collate and prepare the main national register of the potential voters and in readiness for the pending forthcoming elections.

When probed further on whether it would be the presidential or political party elections which will precede the other, he quipped. “The pending election will be announced in due course, when its regulating laws are finalized.”


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