National Electricity Commission Inspects Safety on Electrical Cables and Poles in Hargeisa


Somaliland national electricity commission has commenced an inspection exercise to evaluate the safety of electricity connection across the city of Hargeisa.

The electricity watch dog, started the campaign in congested areas of city environs. The commission toured State House slums and the recently burnt Waheen Market to ascertain the quality and design of electricity supply equipment such as electrical poles and cables. They also checked the nature of connections into homes and businesses.

This comes a time Somaliland suffered the worst fire disaster in its history. The electricity committee had resolved to redesign electricity poles and cables in an organized manner. They engage with power supply companies to streamline the connection of power in the country.

The Director of the national electricity commission who led the inspection Mr. Mohamed Mohamud Abdi revealed that he had instructed power companies supplying State House area to completely over haul their supply mechanism. He instructed them to use new equipment and remove older ones.

Speaking to journalists the Director said “As you are aware the commission recently inspected electricity connection in State House area and realized it needed a major over haul. We then called electricity supply companies and gave them our recommendation. As you can see today Telesom Company begins the operation to renew connection equipment.”

The Director confirmed that old poles and cables are going to be replaced. The connection will also be in an organized way.

The residents association of State House welcomed the move. They said their lives was in danger and all the times were worried about lose electrical cables hanging loosely 8and old electricity poles falling anyhow.



Chairman of the commission Mr.Ahmed Farah Adare confirmed that the commission has started to implement the streamlining of the hazardous power supply sector. We stated that the government will tackle this problem of power lines hanging loosely and endangering lives of ordinary Somaliland citizens.

“We have many electricity poles and cables left by some power companies that have stopped operations in the city. This poles are cables have been marked for removal. We want to bring sanity in this sector once and for all without delay.” He said.


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