Municipality Dismisses Water Supply Installation project set to be implemented in Lasanod


LASANOD—Lasanod Municipality has rejected an ambitious water supply installation which was awarded to a firm from the region.

The councilors have unanimously called on Somaliland authority to review the water installation project which they said is going to be the mainstay of the locals.

“Riyale’s administration promised to implement water project for the township. Former Silanyo’s government campaigned during the presidential polls that it would set up water supply for Lasanod. The current president Musa Bihi also did the same by gaining the hearts and minds of locals. It is shame to say Goojacade will be the well to provide water to locals whereby animals loath to drink. We cannot accept it.” said Mohamed, a local Councillor.

The Councillors have criticized Nugaal firm which installed water refinery machines in the eastern suburbs of Lasanod.

Lasanod Water Agency director, Abdirashid Mohamed Awil has supported the compliant from the Councillors.

He clearly stated that the firm which is in charge of the project does not care about the well being of the locals.

He said that he does not know when the project was awarded to the firm.

Several attempts to supply safe drinking water to Lasanod locals were not successful whilst a lot of money was bankrolled with the project.

OXFORM spearheaded the water supply installation project for the city back in mid 1990’s but the project stopped operations due to technical problems.


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