Ministry of Information unveils its 2023 Annual Plan


The Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Cultural Information and Awareness Hon. Said Hassan Habbane opened a meeting to evaluate the plan for the year that ended in 2022 and the setting of the new plan for the year 2023 of the Ministry.

While elaborating on the issue, he said, “When a nation takes action, of course, it must have a plan. Development has to be articulate and I commend the officials sitting here for their commitment to this task”.

As concerns the challenges in the sector he noted,” We need to reflect back such that we make corrections hence diversify while stepping up diligence”.

The Director General Mr. Abdikarim Aden Adde on his part pointed out that reflecting back on the past year’s operations discerns in evaluating what areas needed addressing, to be strengthened or stepped up as plans of 2023 are put in place.

He said that in essence when a plan is set, a future is charted, hence every institution ought to have it for administrative purposes such that objectives may be adhered to and be timely implemented hence achieve progress.


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